Is our community amenities for members only? No, no it is not!

In 2018, when most POAs, HOAs and Condo Associations are scrambling to re-write their by laws, in order to keep companies like AirBNB from penetrating their communities, our communities are throwing the doors wide open.

By having the ability, as well as the blessing, to be able to lease their amenities out to total strangers, you know have no control over who will be using most of our facilities.

Since all lot owners are now members of the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association, all lot owners now have access to the Pool, Clubhouse, Beaches, Tennis Courts, Picnic Area and Boat Ramps.

It is apparent that any member has the right to lease their lot or lots, to anyone, including people who do not live in our community or own property in Glebe Harbor or Cabin Point. They will have just as much as a right to use our facilities, as any member who lives within our communities full or part time.

So why does this matter. At our June 2018 meeting, members were concerned about security and how they could tell if someone was allowed to be on our property, using our amenities. While several options were discussed, no one thought to bring up the conditions concerning leasing your amenity rights, to a total stranger.

Myself, I was not even aware that the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association allowed leasing, until I was talking with one of my neighbors last week. I then received a email from Glennet. I was from a property owner asking if anyone know of someone that wanted to buy their lease for $250.00, so they could use our community amenities.

I am still in the process of reading through all the paperwork concerning our lease agreement with Westmoreland County. If I am not mistaken, one of the biggest concerns was if our communities, would be open to the public. While it may not be open to the general public per-say, since we have close to 950 undeveloped lots that could be leased out to total strangers or groups, this has many members of our communities concerned. I will update this post once I gather a few more facts.

UPDATE: December 14th, 2018. At our December 1st 2018, General Membership meeting, according to our Association and to the best of my knowledge, 44 properties were leased during the 2018 year season. Since it has been established that there is no limit to the amount of guest that can be accompanied by a Member or Lease Holder, the amount of  non residents that used our facilities is impossible to determine, without access to official records.

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