Are Glebe Harbor Residents In For A Tax Hike?

Are Glebe Harbor Residents In For A Tax Hike?

Maybe, maybe not. If you recall  our last Glebe Harbor Civic Association meeting on August 25th, 2018., we were told that the Association wanted to be able to spend more money, then what was written into our Documents, without having to take a membership vote.

The purpose of this change was so we could match funds with VDOT / Westmoreland County, concerning upgrading our roads. As far as I can remember, we were told that if we wanted their help to improve our roads, we needed to show them that we were committed to their program or at least, that is what myself and my wife took away from this meeting.

What we were not told, is that once we are committed to their program, our taxes may go up. It is called a “Road Use Tax” and it will be placed on every property owner in Glebe Harbor. I base this information on the situation Placid Bay Civic Association, found themselves in, concerning this very issue.

The things we have in common with them is we are both a Sanitary District formed under Westmoreland County and we are both Civic Associations. The quote below was taken from the Westmoreland News.

For the second year in a row, residents of Placid Bay Estates have seen two new taxes appear on their property tax bill. The first is a $40 road use tax on every lot owner. The second is a flat rate sanitary district tax that is based on personal property value and has been earmarked to pay for reconstruction of the dams that were destroyed in the 2011 Tropical Storm Lee.

You can read this story from the Westmoreland News concerning the above quote, by clicking here. It will open in a new window or tab, depending on your operating system.

So will our taxes be increased? I have no 100% way of saying yes or no. But I will be following this issue very closely in the upcoming months. I will contact Westmoreland County next week and see if they can answer some of my questions.

UPDATE: I have talked to Westmoreland County concerning the issue of this post. I was assured that our situation is different then Placid Bay and we will not have any additional tax increase concerning matching funds.

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