Bids to Repair the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Pools.

The Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, acting on behalf of the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Board of Directors, started the process of bidding out the scope of work needed to repair our main pool, as well as our wading pool.

The bids were announced on November 8, 2018. The deadline for submission of these bids, is November 23, 2018. You can click here, to see what is on the list to be repaired. Go to page 4 and look under “Scope of Work”.

UPDATE: 12/10/2018. While attending the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors open meeting, the Board of Supervisors acting on behalf of the Glebe Harbor Cabin Point Sanitary District, approved the bid to start the repairs on our swimming pools. To the best of my recollection, the bid was around $58,000.00. I support their decision 100% and look forward to seeing the progress to help improve our community assets.

UPDATE: 12/19/2018. The pictures below show the crew that will be working on our pool. They look like they are in the process of draining it down today. According to the information I received, the weather should not play to big of a factor and it should be finished well before the time it opens in 2019. These guys look eager to get the process going and are out of Springfield Virginia.


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