Combining Glebe Harbor Civic Association with the Cabin Point Civic Association Part 2

If you have not read part 1 of this issue, you can do so by clicking here. After reading through some of our old documents, meeting minuets and talking with neighbors, I am still confused why this issue is being kept so hush hush. I am not alone. It is not so much about why they feel the need to consolidate all three Associations, rather the fact that no one is willing to provide any information on this issue.

It was published in the May 5th, 2018 Glebe Harbor -Cabin Point Association minutes, that they had already sought legal advice and were given the green light to proceed with this consolidation/merger. They also made reference that this issue was discussed at the December 2017 Association meeting as well.

In the Last publication of the Glebe Pointer dated November 2018, they made reference to it once again. They stated that they have discussed this issue for “the past few years”. It seems they have now formed a committee that consist of six members and one facilitator. They also state that they will keep the Members periodically informed of their progress.

On November 12th, 2018, both my wife and myself attended the monthly GH-CP Association Board meeting. I asked if there was any information concerning the consolidation/merger of all three Associations. I was told that there was absolutely no information to give at this time, other then the fact that a committee was formed to pursue this issue.

The first thought that crossed my mind when I was told this was:

How can a group of people, discuss a subject for years, that required legal advice, not have any information to share with their community?

Common sense would dictate that since we are now a Sanitary District and we have a lease agreement with Westmoreland County, that if this consolidation/merger does happen, it must fall under the leadership of the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Inc. I could be wrong but it is still what I think, in till proved otherwise.

What’s next? Maybe the voluntary right to join your Civic Associations will now become mandatory? Now maybe every Property Owner will have to pay another fee to live in Glebe Harbor or Cabin Point? I have no idea but I will remain committed to finding out as much as I can.

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