Drainage Ditch Update.

Back in June of 2018 I had a meeting with VDOT that services our area in Westmoreland County. We went around to several streets that had blocked/stopped up culverts or culverts that were so over grown with vegetation, they simply could not allow the water to drain properly.

In late November of 2018, the President of our Civic Association sent out a notice via Glennet, that VDOT would be cleaning out these culverts beginning the first part of October of 2018. VDOT is responsible for making sure the culverts are in proper working order concerning State maintained roads. This issue was discussed with the same people employed with VDOT, over two years ago and as of this time, nothing has yet to be done!

I called VDOT this past Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 and simply asked them why? I received a call from the head of their maintenance department and he assured me that VDOT would be working in Glebe Harbor today, November 8th, 2018. I have no idea where they will start, nor to what extent they will do, to help solve a part of our drainage problem, that they are 100% responsible for.

As a Property Owner in Glebe Harbor with a vested interest in the GH-CP Association, as well as being a Member in good standing with the Glebe Harbor Civic Association, I have the same rights as anyone in this community, including any BODs, to pursue this issue on my own, or within a collective group. I will update this post tomorrow evening to add any information concerning our issue.


Once again, the Westmoreland County VDOT office has failed to honor their word concerning our community. It seems that sometimes one must step out of bounds concerning politeness. At this time I have stepped out of the support of the Westmoreland County VDOT and I have now taken my complaint to the Richmond Virginia Main Office.

The picture below shows the open request number on the upper right hand side. If you would like to be kept in the loop concerning this issue, click here and type 992710 in the upper right hand side of the page where it states: “Check service request status. What’s your service request or claim number. I will contact Stephen Brich, who is the Head Compliance Commissioner for VDOT in the Richmond office this morning. His number is 804.524.6000. I will update this post when I receive any information.


After talking with the Richmond office I received a voice mail from the person, who as far as I know, heads up the Westmoreland County/Northern Neck division of VDOT. He has assured me that work will begin this coming Tuesday, November 13th, 2018, weather permitting or Wednesday November 14th, 2018, if Tuesday gets rained out. You can listen to the message left in my inbox below.

UPDATE: 12/16/2016. At this time VDOT has closed the issue concerning the drainage/clogged culverts that was deemed their responsibility. I would like to publicly thank VDOT as well as their crews that helped make our community, a better place to live. At this time it is up to our community to go together, to develop a plan of action, to address the rest of this issue.

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