Merging Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point and the GH-CP Associations Together Part 3

If you dig deep enough, you will find the truth. The saddest thing I have heard since I lived here, is from my three of my neighbors. When I say neighbors, if you live in GH or CP, you are my neighbor.

From what I have been told, there was a Woman, who threatened to take the GH-CP POA to Court. It seemed as if she would win her argument of being able to use the amenities that was offered by the POA, without have to join it. It is my opinion that because of this, that is partly why we we turned into a Sanitary District.

So why all of a sudden is there an urgency to merge all three Associations together? I know what the “official” reason is, I simply do not believe it. Is it due to the way our Sanitary District was formed, that makes me lean this way? Partly, but the greater impact on my thinking, is from what I have personally experienced in the short amount of time I have lived here.

I am not alone with my concerns, as Home Owners who have lived in our Communities much longer then I have, are just as concerned. One Association is openly talking about this issue, while the others are providing no information at all. The first thing I need to do is educate myself, so I can make an informed decision and when I have done so, that will be Part 4 of this series of posts.

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