How To Merge Non Stock Corporations In Virginia

I really want to stress the point that I am not an Attorney. I appreciate all the interactions asking me legal questions, but I simply can not give legal advice. If you want to know how to build a house from the ground up, or tear down a Cummings 550 on the stand or in frame, now we can talk. I aint to bad with K-wapers either.

OK, lets get back to the title of this post. In Virginia, you have two types of Non-Stock Corporations. Whenever I mention a Corporation, it will be regarding Non Stock Corporations. All three of our Associations, are Non Stock.

The two types of Non-Stock Corporations are Domestic and Foreign. Domestic simple means a Corporation that is formed and located, in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Foreign is any Corporation formed outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Simple right?  Virginia has a cheat sheet so to speak, on how to merge more then one corporation, with another. That makes sense right? If you only have one of anything, it is impossible to merge it.

This cheat sheet will help walk anyone through the process of merging corporations together. It is specific to non stock corporations. There are two clauses that I truly do not understand. As I read them, it sounds like they may be interpreted, in two different manners. I am now outside of my scope.

At this time, I am in the process of seeking legal advice concerning these two clauses. My concern is very simple and can be broken into two parts.

  1. How can I legally merge more then one corporation together that I am a member of?
  2. How can a Member in good standing legally stop the merger of corporations that they are a member of?

I will update this post, when I have more information. In till then, you can click here to see the cheat sheet Virginia has put together. Pay very close attention as you read this, especially to the last paragraph.

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