My Response To Beverly.

I would first like to thank my wife for picking up my slack. Normally she does not respond to comments. Thanks Babe. After 30+ years, I never get tired of saying that. Now, on to Beverly’s question.

Liz was correct when she told you all of our RUF goes to Westmoreland County. It is their system and this is how it works. We have 1,370 taxable lots, according the the GH-CP Association Inc. It is a mater of public record that each taxable lot is charged/billed, $200.00 per year. 200 x 1,370 = 274,000.

An elected board is established. They speak for their community. When they are forced into a position where they can no longer maintain their community, they must seek outside help. 99.9% of the time, it will be through their county. They approach the county, work out a plan, then they must have this sanctified, via the court system, so everything will be spelled out and legal.

Now you are under the control of the county, in which you have a lease agreement. Now let us talk about our Community, and Westmoreland County. So, when they made this lease agreement with WC, they said we need x amount of dollars, to run our Corporation, plus items/projects that we vote on to be repaired or replaced.

WC says OK, we will give you x amount of dollars and fund your projects. I have said this all along that the original $190 per year RUF was low-balled, to keep our community from rising up, and challenging their decision to become a Sanitary District to begin with. That is my opinion as well as others and I am entitled to it.

If you attended the Membership meeting on December 1st, should should have noticed that people are now raising concerns about why we need to raise our budget at all. The questions being asked, are all finance related. Do we really need to pay for maintaining four beaches when maybe two would do? Do we need to spend money on a Bath House in CP?

I have no problem supporting these issues but we need to stop thinking that all we have to do, is keep raising the RUF, to do them. Stratford Harbor HOA has been holding yard sales, pot luck dinners, donation drives and bazaars, for three years now. They are raising money to build a Rescue Squad Building close to their community. They could have simply raised everyone’s HOA dues, but elected to not pass that financial burden onto their membership.

So, to answer your question, the money goes to WC. They place us on a budget. After 10 years, our community will have been taxed/billed $2,740,000 dollars. Two Million, Seven Hundred and Forty Thousand Dollars, if we stay at the current $200.00 per year RUF. Since WC has the final say on how much money we are allowed to spend, it is impossible for me to answer the second part of your question, as it could go either way. Even WC can not look that far into the future.

Out of the money that is collected from our RUF, there are loans that need to be paid as well as other obligations we may have to Westmoreland County. When our BODs submit their budget request to Westmoreland County, it will be reviewed. A decision will be made to allow the increase or turn it down. I am trying to find the exact procedure for this and I will update this post when I receive it. Your neighbor who lives on the inside of the curve, Dana.

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