No More RUF Increase Except Inflation Rate.

When the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Property Association Board of Directors, inquired about becoming a Sanitary District, it only took approximately 83 Property Owners out of 1,017 to have their petition signed and heard before the Westmoreland County Court. Out of the 83 signatures, 79 own waterfront property and according to the President of our association, the majority were already original POA members. Once this order was granted to form our Community into a SD, it then went before the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors for acceptance.

From my conversation with Westmoreland County, our BODs were informed many times on how our yearly RUF would be established. The conversation I had with Westmoreland County, is what the next paragraphs are based on.

Westmoreland County will only increase our RUF, according to inflation. That is why when the GH-CP Association BODs submitted their request to have their three year budget plan to increase our Recreational User Fee, was denied. Over 300 Residents of our Community called into or sent emails to Westmoreland County objecting to this increase. I am proud to say that my family, was among those 300 Property Owners, who had no desire to have our fees increased or see our neighbors forced out of their homes.

I can assure you that I had no influence on this situation whatsoever, other then to get involved, ask questions and voice my concerns. I have always done my best to contact the right people and simply write the truth, concerning the information I received. Your neighbor, Dana.


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