The GlebeHarbor.Com Mission Statement for 2019.

The purpose of GlebeHarbor.Com is to allow any property owner or lessee under the management of the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association, Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Sanitary District, Glebe Harbor Civic Association or the Cabin Point Civic Association to express their views concerning our communities.

GlebeHarbor.Com is starting a new direction in 2019. On January 10, 2019, this website will be six months old. During that six months, we have been threatened with legal action twice. Once for alleged Trademark Infringement by using the name and the second time was due to exposing a current Director using profanity towards me that was legally recorded on December 7th, 2018. While there are other alleged actions I have been accused of, I have denied them 100% and I will never give up my Freedom of Speech, as a condition of owning property in Glebe Harbor Virginia.

Joining the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Inc., is now mandatory if you own property within Glebe Harbor or Cabin Point. You will also become a mandatory Member of the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Sanitary District as well. In 2016/2017, the Recreational User Fee (RUF) was $190.00 per Property Owner, per year. In 2017/2018, this fee was increased to $200.00 per Property Owner, per year.

Our RUF is not expected to be increased for the 2018/2019 budgeted year and it is my opinion, this fee should never need to be increased, unless it is due to unforeseen catastrophic events. It is important to point out that this fee is set by the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors after they have received input from the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Board of Directors. Before our BODs can submit any budget proposals, they are required by Westmoreland County to received input from our Membership. At this time we have 1,017 Members.

In 2019 the two objectives of GlebeHarbor.Com are to help any Property Owner that belongs to the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association, better understand our governing documents. The second mission of GlebeHarbor.Com, is to do everything within our legal rights to make sure our Recreational User Fee, is only increased due to catastrophic events.

GlebeHarbor.Com has now taken on the same attitude towards our current/future Board of Directors, as one of our current Directors has possibly taken for non-support of the President of the United States of America, by supporting a website on their social media account. It is ironic that I am being accused of doing the same thing towards our BODs by their Attorney, as this Director feels they have the right to do against President Trump!

Our Community no longer consist of a small POA that the BODs had complete authority over. This went on for decades with a small percentage of Members in our Community that paid their initial and annual dues. We are now a Sanitary District that is operated by Westmoreland County, that has 1,017 Members with the ability to cast their vote, on how they want their community to be managed, as well as shaped concerning the future.

As long as any BODs within our three Associations conforms to the quoted paragraph below, they have nothing to fear from me or GlebeHarbor.Com. I will support their efforts 100%. If they step outside of their authority, they have no right to expect any cooperation whatsoever! This is now the Mission Statement of GlebeHarbor.Com

Our Membership may legally rise up against any Board of Directors that try and raise our Recreational User Fee for any reason other then a catastrophic event. We will not stand by in silence! We will defend our Governing Documents for all Three Associations as well as our Two Lease Agreements with Westmoreland County and make sure they are followed to the letter of Virginia Law! If you fail to comply with this paragraph, you will be met with resistance!

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