April 22 2019 Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors Meeting

As I posted earlier, we would be attending this open meeting held by the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors as the topic concerned their upcoming budget for the 2019/2020 year. If you ever get the chance to attend these meetings concerning the County’s budget, I highly suggest you do. They really go into detail on how they collect their monies, as well as who is requesting funds.

As I posted back on December 6th, 2018 concerning our Recreational User Fee for the upcoming 2019/2020 year, there would be no recommendation to increase our RUF by County Officials. At the time this meeting was held on April 22, 2019, they have kept their word concerning any recommended RUF increases.

Two people spoke from the floor concerning our Recreational User Fee. Most of our Board of Directors were there, but elected not to speak. The first person that spoke is an ex-GH-CP Association BODs, who currently sits on the Cabin Point Civic Association. The second person that spoke was me. The first person was in favor of raising our RUF. I was against raising it.

You need to understand that this meeting was not held to confirm or deny any proposed budget increases, it was simply held to allow the public the opportunity to offer their input concerning the Westmoreland County upcoming budget. After everyone had an opportunity to speak, the next step is from the Planning Board.

They will hold a public meeting concerning all the information they have concerning the proposed budget as well as any information the Board of Supervisors provides them from their open meeting, held on April 22, 2019. This meeting will be posted under “Public Notices” in the Westmoreland News paper. After that open public meeting, it goes back to the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, where they will again, hold an open public meeting.

Make no mistake about my next statements. Whether our Board of Directors had any input on setting our original RUF or it came solely from Westmoreland County, the fact that our Board of Directors knew that this amount of money, would be the amount they would have to work with. I want to say this again, our Board of Directors were told several times by County Officials that this was the amount of money they would have to work with and our Board of Directors said, OK!

In my opinion, any person that knew our Board of Directors had this information before they struck this deal with Westmoreland County, would then ask the questions of, “why did our Board of Directors try and raise our RUF over a three year period, and why do they keep stating they are concerned that the amount that they agreed to, is not enough”? After all, they had received the Reserve Study from Miller – Dodson and Associates before we became an official Sanitary District and according to documentation, they were going to use this report to help them decide how much money would be needed to establish our yearly budget.

Again, in my opinion, our Board of Directors need to figure out how they are going to make this all work, with the amount of money that they agreed to be funded with, when they signed our agreements with Westmoreland County. I am quite certain that Westmoreland County is not going to cave into the request of anyone, when they were repeatedly told how it was going to be, before they signed on the dotted line!

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