Gun Shots In Glebe Harbor

Last nite around 8:30 pm, Liz and myself were sitting on our back porch. We heard a male and female get into an argument. “Open the God Da* door, F you Mother Fer. Open the GD door” Then 7 to 9 shots rang out. Gun fire. Both Liz and myself belong to gun clubs and we practice when we get the time.

When I heard the gun fire going off, both Liz and myself hit the floor and low crawled into our hall way. DC habits are hard to break. We called 911. I would like to publicly to thank the Westmoreland County Sheriffs Office, for their quick response. We have a large county and these guys responded in a very quick manner.

I can only tell you that after calling the Westmoreland County Sheriffs Office back today, April 4th, 2019, they informed me that this investigation was on going, and I should be hearing back from them sometime tomorrow. Now you know as much as we do.

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