Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Sanitary District Proposed Rules

Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Sanitary District Proposed Rules

When we met with the Westmoreland County Administrator on April 18th, 2019 we had many items we wanted to discuss. One of these items was our proposed rules that are still in the draft mode. These proposed rules were listed on our official website on July 22, 2018. Since the members of the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Sanitary District must first vote on any and all rules that regulate our community, this process must be done first. After we have voted then these rules must then be approved by Westmoreland County.

At this time Westmoreland County has not approved our proposed rules. To the best of my knowledge, since we provided WC a printed copy of our proposed rules that are clearly marked “Draft”, they have agreed to look into this issue. It is impossible for a community, or anyone for that matter, to follow the rules when no rules has been established. We will update the followers of concerning this issue, as soon as we have more information to provide. Your neighbor, Dana.


  • Community Member May 20, 2019 at 5:49 am

    It seems as if you are always finding fault with our Board. You need to post more positive subjects.

  • danatucker May 20, 2019 at 7:40 am

    Thanks for your comment but I am just a little confused. I did not blame or find fault with anybody concerning this post. I can only assume that before any rules are approved they must first be checked out by WC. Again, I will assume this must be done through their legal department. As far as the rules go, there are many things that can effect our community. Leasing amenities could very well be one of the most abused rules/privileges we have.

    As an example, say that someone decided to lease their rights to the Cobra One Motorcycle Club President in Richmond Va for $1.00. The person who leased their rights could still use the amenities via guest passes. Since WC has already established that there can be no limit set on the number of guests that someone can have, you can see how this might have a impact on our community if we start to get a few hundred visitors rolling into our community. Everything I just stated as far as I know, would be 100% legal.

    So, no fault or blame has been assigned to anyone. However, as a community we have a right to know what we can as well as can not do, concerning how we function as members of the GH-CP Sanitary District. Since our BODs are the ones who do most of the communicating with WC, it should be their responsibility to keep members informed.


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