This website is designed to allow any property owner or lessee within Glebe Harbor or Cabin Point to express their views concerning our communities or the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Inc.

This is done via our commenting system and post submission form. All comments & posts must meet our User Guidelines. Please make sure you read our User Guidelines and Privacy Policy before commenting or submitting your post to glebeharbor.com.

The secondary purpose of glebeharbor.com is to provide information that relates to our communities as well as provide information that deals with weather, local information, power boating, sailing, fishing and things that most waterfront communities enjoy. We will also be supporting local business as well as events going on, in the Northern Neck area.

Joining the Glebe Harbor-Cabin Point Association Inc., is mandatory if you own property within our communities. In 2017/2018, the RUS is $200.00 per year. Keep in mind that this fee can be increased at the discretion of the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors.