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What Our Reserve Study Reveals and Our Capital Improvement Plan.

The following information was taken from the Reserve Study that was started December 21th, 2016. I have (2) two copies of the Reserve Study. One was downloaded from the website in its entirety, and one printed copy was hand delivered to my home, by a current Board Member of the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Association Inc Board of Directors.…

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Our Meeting With The Westmoreland County Administrator

Last week a post was made to address our BODs submitting a five year Capital Improvement Plan, without the input from the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Sanitary District Property Owners. After that post was made, we set up a meeting with the Westmoreland County Administrator for 10:30 am this morning, 04/18/2019, to discuss our concerns. The Westmoreland County Administrator,…

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Gun Shots In Glebe Harbor Update

After speaking with Officials with the Westmoreland County Sheriffs Department yesterday, April 14th, 2019, they provided me with the following information. Although the case is still under investigation, and little information can be made public, they assured me of the following. This was a very isolated situation and had nothing to do with gangs, drugs or break-ins. Arrest were made…

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Request to Speak with the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors.

The following letter/request has been sent to the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors Chairman as well as the Westmoreland County Administrator. The purpose of requesting this action, is to get our concerns documented as well as protect our rights under the Management & Operating Agreement between Westmoreland County, and the Property Owners of the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Sanitary…

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Westmoreland County Proposed Budget 2019/2020

Every year, counties throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia do what is called a “Proposed Budget”. This is simply what they will be stating that everything under their financial control will cost, to be able to operate in a proficient manner. Westmoreland County is no different. So how does it work and is it complicated to do? Well, yes and no.…

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VDOT Update March 18 2019 for Glebe Harbor Dr

Early yesterday morning, March 18th, 2019, I stopped and talked to VDOT as they were working on Glebe Harbor Dr. We were discussing our drainage issue and what could be done about it. They informed me that the stretch of Glebe Harbor Drive between the entrance signs and 1500 feet past them towards the clubhouse, only had an elevation drop…

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Supporting Westmoreland County Public Schools

As many members of our community know, we have had discussions to allow Westmoreland County Public Schools to use our pool facilities. It is all ways a good thing when a community can share their assets, to help children regardless of their families ability to pay. The quote below was posted on the Westmoreland County Public Schools FB page on…

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