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Corruption In The Glebe Harbor Civic Association

In the Minuets of the June 18th 2019 General Meeting of the Glebe Harbor Civic Association, the following statement in part reads: New Business: “Covenants. The board will be looking into covenants, both camping related and home-business related. Diane explained the importance of enforcing covenants”. According to the Commonwealth of Virginia website, as well as Westmoreland County, the person named…

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Free Mosquito Briquettes

Mosquitoes occur throughout Virginia and are both a nuisance, as well as a potential disease carrier.  Eliminating potential mosquito breeding habitats around the home landscape is a critical part of a mosquito control program.  Check out VCE’s mosquito publication for more information. In addition, Altosid XR mosquito control briquettes are available for Westmoreland County residents at no charge.  Altosid XR…

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The History of Glebe Harbor & Cabin Point from 1644 to 2020

This information is provided for educational purposes only. I would like to extend the warmest of thank yous to the staff at the Westmoreland County Clerks office, for their support and kind words of wisdom concerning the use of their “records search” system. For those that may not know, some of their records go back to the 1600s. To David…

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Glebe Harbor Civic Association Meeting Agenda Requirements

This is the response I received from the secretary of our Civic Association, as she was replying to my request to be placed on the agenda for this meeting. Please keep in mind that I had no desire to have her intervene into my business with my Civic Association Board of Directors, nor was I seeking her advice or opinions.…

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Westmoreland Is Now A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County

After hold a public meeting on December 11th, 2019, and hearing public statements both supporting as well as restricting 2nd Amendment Rights to Westmoreland County Citizens, the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to make Westmoreland County a Sanctuary County within the Commonwealth of Virginia. This action guarantees Westmoreland County Citizens their 2nd amendment right to bear arms. During…

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GlebeHarbor.Com Is Again Under Attack

It seems the puppet master for the Glebe Harbor Civic Association has once again followed directions from Richard, the president of the Glebe Harbor Civic Association, who seems to have no clue whatsoever concerning how to run our meetings, concerning the issue to shut down GlebeHarbor.Com. As I have told the puppet master before, this will only be done through…

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Gun Shots In Glebe Harbor Update

After speaking with Officials with the Westmoreland County Sheriffs Department yesterday, April 14th, 2019, they provided me with the following information. Although the case is still under investigation, and little information can be made public, they assured me of the following. This was a very isolated situation and had nothing to do with gangs, drugs or break-ins. Arrest were made…

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