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If you would like to submit an article or post to be made public on GlebeHarbor.Com, you MUST provide us with your full name and address. This is done to insure that the views associated with GlebeHarbor.Com, are from Residents within our Community. Please use the “File Upload” feature below to provide us with your material. You can upload any file formats we except, at the same time by holding down the “Ctrl key and left clicking” on the files you wish to submit.

Please make sure you select the “No” box below, if you DO NOT want your name to be made public. If you choose not to have your name published, it will simply state: “Written by a GH-CP Resident”. Please make sure you read our User Guideline Policy before you submit your files. If you violate them, your post may be deleted or we may have to edit it. We have no desire to edit your post! The fields marked with a “Red *” are required. Our Staff is notified within 20 minutes, after you submit your information.

You can upload the following file formats. doc, docx, pdf, text, jpg, jpeg, png. We have a 60 meg limit size.
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