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Illegal content and conduct.

This is self-explanatory. If your conduct breaks any law in the Commonwealth of Virginia or any State within the jurisdiction within the United States of America, you will be held 100% accountable for your actions.

Directly threatening material.

Do not post direct and realistic threats of violence. That is, you cannot post a genuine call for violence—or death—against an individual person, or groups of persons. I can assure you that there will be heated debates going on concerning the actions of our community leaders as well as what changes if any, should be implemented. Please keep in mind that everyone is a volunteer except for the office manager and the maintenance man.

Please note that these are just guidelines — interpretations are solely up to us. These guidelines are not exhaustive and are subject to change. If we’re not in a position to make a determination (for example, whether something is defamatory or not), we will defer to the judgment of a Court of Law located in Westmoreland County, Virginia, which is located within the boundaries of the United States of America.